The Magicians “Cello Squirrel Daffodil” Ep 5.09  
Small Supporting  
Tawnia McKiernan / Syfy  
The Flash “Death of Vibe” Ep 5.03  
Small Supporting  
Andi Armaganian / The CW  
Supernatural "Freaks & Geeks" Ep. 8.18  
John F. Showalter / The CW  
Love & Oatmeal  
Small Supporting  
Peter Sattler / Scott & Cindy Film Productions  
YWCA PSA “Suffering in Silence”  
Tim Hortons: Summer Cap "Chillin & Winnin"  
J. Cotton / JWT  
BCNDP "I want a Government"  
M. Kelly / Bear Studios  
BCLC : Set For Life  
Adele Thomas / DDB  
Save BC Film PSA  
David Langlois / BFP Films  
Remembrance Day Memorial  
Damon Fultz / GWG  
* A Day with Sofia  
Yurizen Cabrera / UBC  
That's Money in My Pocket  
James Penco / Stoneridge Films  
The Martyr  
Devan Scott, Will Ross / Sad Hill Media  
Halfway There  
Justin Hagedorn / Capilano Uni  
The Queen of Hearts  
David Roncin / VFS  
Mirror Mirror  
Jennifer Rowe / VFS  
Grains of Sand  
Darren Borrowman / VFS  
Someone Has Got to Die  
Doug Naugler / Hybrahma  
Devan Scott, Will Ross / Sad Hill Media  
The Helping Hand  
Levente Opelcz / VFS  
David Roncin / VFS  
Bridesmaids Parody  
Dianne Dennis / Brown Eyed Angel Productions  
The Bed Trick  
Chris Robson /UBC Brave New Play Rites  
Stacey Kaser / UBC Brave New Play Rites  
Danny & the Deep Blue Sea (Showcase)  
Cara McDowell / VFS Productions  
Criminal Hearts (Showcase)  
Cara McDowell / VFS Productions  
Noises Off  
Poppy Norton-Taylor  
Damon Fultz / GWG  
Dearly Beloved  
Tina Jo and Gina Jo (Twins)  
Graham Archer / Chilliwack Player's Guild  
Urinetown: The Musical  
Senator Fipp  
Matthew Webster / GWG  
Damon Fultz / GWG  
Thoroughly Modern Millie  
Modern & Dorothy Parker  
Matthew Webster / GWG  
Will Power  
Hecate & Queen Gertrude  
Damon Fultz / GWG  
A Night in the Theatre  
Audience Member  
Mel Dunster / Mel-O-Drama Productions  
The Adventures of Johnny Canuck  
Amber (Saloon Girl)  
Damon Fultz / GWG  
Damon Fultz / GWG  
Journals of Remembrance  
Series of Monologues  
Damon Fultz / GWG  
Embers and Ashes SS18  
Sam Stringer / VFW  
Arc'teryx: 6 Seasons FW13-SS17  
Arc'teryx Equiptment Inc. / Diane Gagne, Viktoria Langton, Roma Sumra  
Vancouver Fashion Week: 7 Seasons  
50+ Selected Shows / Jamal Abdurahman  
G Stone Jewellery Charity Show: 3 Seasons  
Chi Heng Foundation / Samantha Uang  
SHINE! Oculto Masks  
Volume Studio / Shay Lhea  
Inspire de la Rue / Arshia Khan  
Jason Matlo Anniversary Collection  
Jason Matlo  
VALT 2012-14 (Vancouver Alternative Fashion Weekend)  
Selected Shows / Kat Kozak, Kat Ferneyhough  
Brilliant! A Show of Love for Mental Health: 3 Seasons  
Volume Studio / Viktoria Langton, Jay Williams, Roma Sumra  
ECO Fashion Week 2013  
Qispi Kay Beachwear / Sandra Jazmin Higueras  
Fall Bling  
SAF Global Wonders / Naphtali Laug  
Cops for Cancer Charity Fashion Show  
Gabriele K, Queenie, Britt Lovell / Ava Vanderstarren  
Inspire de la Rue 2012-13  
Queenie Couture / Arshia Khan, Angela Lowndes, Brent Price  
Ivido Push Up Jeans  
Ivido Brand Jeans / Ivis González, Xelha Rivera  
VCAD Grad Fashion Show  
Darius John / Frederick Fung  
Midsummer Night's Dream  
Poultice Jewelry, Okalani / Ami Muranetz  
"Beau" by Reggie Terrence  
Reggie Terrence / Beau Muncer  
Absolute Style 2013  
UFV Fashion Design Program / Deanna Devitt  
David Bowie Fashion Glamball  
LuvnGrace-Affair / Vernard Goud  
Lab Art Show 2  
Hive Mind Millinery, Pretty Bastard / Dominique Hanke  
Tri-city Wedding Show  
Van Meriska Bridal / Martini Meriska  
La Musique: Element 7 Style  
Dine Out Vancouver / Jennifer Yemu Li  
Le Bon Gout: Blushing Boutique, Qispi Kay Beachwear  
Dine Out Vancouver / Shelley Klassen, Sandra Jazmin Higueras  
Misty Greer- American Guru  
The Five Agency / Misty Greer, Matthew Burditt  
BCIT Fashion Works  
BCITMA / Sophia Mattheakis  
The Ice Ball Winter Charity Event  
Britt Lovell Events / Brittney Hughes  
Urban Wedding Show  
Djamila Bridal / Tamara M, Teri Hao  
Maggie Fu’s Ultimate Dance Party & Fashion Show  
Maggie Fu / Magdalena Lima, Brenn Kapitan  
Qispi Kay Beachwear: Mad Men in the City Party  
War Room Inc. / Sandra Jazmin Higueras  
Lords of Gastown  
NC Models / Nicole Chartrand, Jill Dice Kacic  
Season’s of Love – South Asian Wedding Gala  
Well Groomed Designs / Dave Singh  
Interior Design Show West  
Vancouver Fashion Week / Jamal Abdurahman  
Mid- Autumn Festival  
Van Meriska Bridal / Martini Meriska  
Cool vs. Cruel  
AI Vancouver / Elie Robinson, Cynthia Poulin  
In the Hood - Autumn Shift Festival  
Temple of the Modern Girl / Josee Metivier  
Inception, Fabric Night Club  
Nyasa Couture / Junaid Choudhry, Cimmaron Kaur  
EP!C Sustainability Expo  
Vancouver Convention Centre / Anita Heiberg  
Bright Lights, City Nights  
CVC UBC / Chinese Varsity Club, Samantha Wong  
High Society, Ginger 62  
Nyasa Couture / Junaid Choudhry, Cimmaron Kaur  
Walt Street Design Competition  
AI Vancouver / Tina Forouzandeh, Cynthia Poulin  
Spring into Green Eco Fashion Shows  
Option Desigsn / Victoria Hardy, Giovanni Amenta  
FV Women's Expo  
All Things Being Eco / Donna Gumprich  
Fort Langley Cranberry Festival  
Angelic Visions / Joanne Chaisson  
Fraser Valley Women's Show  
All Things Being Eco / Donna Gumprich  
Spring Into Body and Soul Event  
Modella Ent. / Lynn Cris  
International Festival Fashion Show  
Modella Ent. / Lynn Cris  
Mardi Gras Fashion Show  
Angelic Visions / Joanne Chaisson  
Sisters Marketplace Fashion Show  
Modella Ent. / Lynn Cris  
Coast Hotels  
Commercial / VRX Studios, Tinu Mathur, Roma Sumra  
Commercial / Mathew Smith  
Lucy the First  
Catalogue / Debra Matwychuk  
Power of My People  
Catalogue / Jessica Matthews  
C J Gehlen Photography  
Commercial / Calvin Gehlen  
Roedde House Museum  
Creative Editorial / Adam Blasberg, Vanarts  
Papillon Eastern Imports SS14, FW15  
Catalogue / Meredith Grantier  
SAF Global Wonders  
Catalogue / Sandra Leung  
Ivido Push Up Jeans Covergirl  
Commercial / Ivis González, Xelha Rivera  
The Custom T's  
Catalogue / Maxwell Skinnies  
Boutique Bazaar  
Catalogue / Queenie, Arshia Khan, Lucho Berzek  
Impress Magazine Vol. 2.3  
Editorial / Scarlett Bruns, Britt Lovell  
Impress Magazine Vol. 2.4  
Editorial / Scarlett Bruns, Mark Gilchrist  
Jade World Trading  
Commercial / Priscilla Phan  
Tri-cities Wedding Magazine 2014  
Commercial / Van Meriska Bridal, Martini Meriska  
One1One Magazine Summer 2013  
Editorial / Tastemakers by Trisha Petrovich  
FreshlyWORN Fall 2012  
Editorial / Ehsan Mahdizadeh, Rob King  
Flash Geo Down Clothing Winter 13/14  
Catalogue / Gregory Crane  
Chroma Lift  
Commercial / Dan Poh, Russell Scott  
Queenie Couture  
Catalogue / Clayton Ulmer, Arshia Khan  
Britt Lovell  
Commercial / Brittney Hughes  
Cynthia Poulin  
Editorial / Vince Hemingson, Cynthia Poulin  
Von Monica Couture  
Editorial / Lloyd Barnes, Monica Fraser  
Yan Yan  
Editorial / Lee Zeng, Yan Yan  
Nyasa Couture  
Commercial / Dwayne Girvan, Cimmaron Kaur  
Bloom Campaign  
Commercial, VFS / Lina Zhao  
Langara College, Vanarts, VPW  
Modeling for Photography Program  
Blanche Macdonald  
Body Painting / Amy Lin  
Vancouver Photo Workshops  
Workshop / Joe McNally  
CTV Morning Live - Rain Gear Segment  
A Good Chick to Know / Jennifer Scott  
CTV Morning Live - Halloween Segment  
A Good Chick to Know / Jennifer Scott  
BC Restaurant Hall of Fame Awards Gala  
Heavenly Hosts / Viktoria Langton  
Infiniti Canada  
Chella Levesque Inc.  
Roger & Gallet  
Chella Levesque Inc.  
BC Adaptive Snowsports Black Diamond Gala  
Heavenly Hosts / Viktoria Langton  
James Bond Goldfinger  
TM Events / Traci Myles  
Chella Levesque Inc.  
Project Skin MD, SkinCeuticals  
Chella Levesque Inc.  
Ducati: Vancouver Motorcycle Show  
Femme Fatale Media / Jenny Miskelly  
Social Shopper  
TM Events / Traci Myles, Tanya Vandriel  
Femme Fatale Media / Emily Lyons  
New Amsterdam Vodka  
Femme Fatale Media / Emily Lyons  
Hollyburn Havana Nights  
TM Events / Traci Myles  
Charton Hobbs  
TM Events / Traci Myles  
Benson NY - Harry Rosen  
Coast / Sarah West  
World Cup Alpine Ski Team Charity Show  
Heavenly Hosts / Viktoria Langton  
Sweat Co's 30th Anniversary Fundraiser  
Heavenly Hosts / Viktoria Langton  
LouLou Magazine at Metrotown  
Coast / Sarah West  
Diamonds in the Sky Press Release  
Burnaby Hospital Foundation / Roma Sumra  
BlackBerry with Alicia Keys Tour  
Ncompass Int. / Thekla Roth, Kenya Heyliger  
Skype with Lady Gaga Tour  
Victory Models / Brenda Versoza, Keri Bunkers  
Art World Expo  
Element 7 Style / Jennifer Yemu Li  
Naked Thread  
Samson Wong, Michael Cheung  
Dior Lipstick  
TH Productions / Jennifer Webb, Roxanne Gray  
Hot Rod Hotties  
Car Shows / Lorna O'Toole  
Spend on Trend  
Cherry Bobin Booth  
Sasso Moda  
Freeze Modeling / Kouros  
One World Art Show and Haiti Fundraiser  
Freeze Modeling / Angelic Visions / Joanne Chaisson  
Gabriele K Clothing and Design  
PNE, Fraser Valley Home and Garden Show  
Beacon Unitarian Church 2018  
Huntley High School, Illinois 2017  
Trading a Gun for a Guitar Fundraiser 2015, 2016, 2017  
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 2017  
Beautiful Minds Radio Host, Co-op Radio 100.5 fm  
Heavenly Hosts 2014-2017  
Capilano University 2016  
Association for Learning Environments BC Conference 2016  
North Delta Secondary School 2016  
Earl Marriott Secondary School 2016  
Go! on Shaw TV 2016  
Carson Graham Secondary School 2016  
Delview Secondary School 2016  
Elgin Park Secondary School 2016  
Self Xpress Community Talent Show Host 2015  
North Vancouver Model UN Keynote Speaker 2015  
Calablast Speaker 2015, 2016, 2017  
Caribou Hill Secondary School 2015  
BC Social Studies Teacher Association Conference 2015  
Rotary Club of Downtown Victoria 2015  
That Talk Show 2015  
Surrey Diversity Committee 2015  
CKNW – Lynda Steele Show Guest 2015  
UFV Abbotsford 2015  
Tri-City Weddings Show Host 2015, 2016  
West Vancouver Secondary School 2015, 2016  
Seycove Secondary School 2015  
BIL 2015: Ending Child Soldiering and Finding Healing After War  
Rotary Club of Abbotsford/Sumas 2015  
The Passion Project 2015  
GW Graham Middle Secondary School Take Action Day Assembly 2015  
Novus TV Interview 2015  
Miss Canada 2014 Finalist  
Beautiful You, Self Esteem Weekend 2014  
Tamanawis Fashion Show Host 2014  
Vancouver Alternative Fashion Show Host 2014  
Miss British Columbia 2013 & 2014  
Cops for Cancer Charity Fashion Show Host 2013  
Celebrity Dim Sum 2013 Aids Vancouver Fundraiser  
The Rush, Shaw TV 2013  
Assistant Judge Miss BC 2017  
GWGs Got Talent  
National Canadian Pageant 2013  
Dean Armstrong: Acting Intensive Workshop  
Shea Hampton: Acting from Source  
Vancouver Film School - Acting for Film and TV Diploma (One Year Program)  
On Camera Acting: Jim Bates, Andrew Moxham, Matt Fentiman, Bart Anderson, Kurt Evans, Craig March  
Acting Technique: Nancy Sivak, Cara McDowell, Bill Marchant, Andrew McIlroy, Suzanne Hepburn, Carmen Aguirre, Jillian Fargey  
Improv: Michael Robinson  
Voice: Ian Raffel, Sheila Langston, Olivia Olsen  
Voice-over/ Dialect: Trevor Devall, Adam Henderson  
Singing: Alisa Kort, Amanda-Allyn Lince  
Movement/ Dance: Joey Bothwell, Brad Gibson, Mikal Grant  
Vancouver Acting School (VAS)  
Audition Technique - Emotional Core: Dan Bacon  
Jeb Beach & Associates:  
Audition Technique - Back to Booking: Jeb Beach  
Vancouver Casting Intensive: Sean Cossey, Heike Brandstatter, Candice Elzinga, Jackie Lind  
Spirit in the Work - Shea Hampton  
Bill Marchant - Scene Study Intensive  
James Fagan Tait – Actor/Writer Collaboration  
Carol Kelsay – Audition Seminar  
Adam Henderson - Stage Combat  
Michael Roberds - Auditioning for Film/TV  
Ann Forrey - Acting and Auditioning  
Corinna Garriok, Sheryl Brook - YWIH Barbershop Singing  
Melita Ellis - Vancouver Fashion Week Model Bootcamp  
Lynn Cris - Runway and Print Modeling  
Crowned Miss BC - 2013/14  
Heart & Soul Award - Miss BC  
* Best Actress (A Day with Sofia) - UBC POV Film Festival 2013  
Valedictorian 2010 Graduation  
Top Academics, Arts/Drama, Citizenship, Humanitarian, Service, Leaders of Tomorrow 2010  
Best Supporting Actress (Dearly Beloved) - Fraser Valley Zone Theatre Festival 2008  
Hosting, Public Speaking, German, Basic French,  
Modelling Coach, Fashion Show Coordinator,  
Yoga, Afrobeat Dance,  
Metal Working, Jewelry Making,  
Class 5 drivers license  
Model Mayhem  
Founder, Director & CEO of the Charity: Innocence Lost Foundation  
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